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Welcome to the navigation page for all of your Spanish learning needs.

Scroll to the part of the page with the aspect of Spanish you wish to learn.

Why learn Spanish?

Spanish is one of the most widely-spoken languages on Earth, both in terms of native speakers, and learners. It is an official language in 20 countries, which means that it is great for travelling and it is the language of a plethora of different cultures.

Our Spanish course is designed for learners of all levels. You can jump in at the right level for you.

We have created a course that scaffolds your knowledge. This means that you build strong foundations by consolidating your knowledge. 

Our free resources are perfect for independent learners who know exactly what part of their knowledge needs attention. 

It is also ideal for teachers who need inspiration for extra class activities or homework tasks.

Our Spanish grammar section is divided into sections dedicated to explaining specific tenses in detail.

We also provide auto-marked exercises so that you can practise and test your knowledge.

Our vocabulary section is ideal for learners who want dedicated topic-specific vocabulary lists.

Topic-specific vocabulary is often what sets the best linguists apart from the rest.

Music is one of the best ways to improve your language ability. It can inspire a great interest in the target language's cultures in addition to training your ear to native speakers.

Our music section is dedicated to providing you insight into some of the most important artists and some of thebest songs for specific grammar/vocabulary.

Film and TV are some of the best resources for improving your language ability.

Our film and TV section is dedicated to identifying the best films and TV shows in Spanish to help you improve your language. 

We also provide study guides for some films too.

One of the primary reasons that we learn languages is to travel. There is very little in this world that feels as good as travelling to a country and being able to communicate with a native speaker.

Our places section strives to teach you about some of the most fascinating places in the Spanish-speaking world.

Food is the fastest way to a man's heart, or so the saying goes. When you learn another language you gain access to tonnes of new dishes.

Our cuisine section is dedicated to showing you some of the most typical dishes from Spanish-speaking countries. Where possible we will provide links too trusted recipes.

Our festivals and traditions section is dedicated to showcasing the wonderful traditions and festivals that take place in the Spanish-speaking world.

Our post-16 section is an area where you can explore Hispanic literature, art and history. 

It is also an area where you can find links to some great authentic resources.

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