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Spanish Grammar

Use this page to navigate to our explanations of the various grammatical features that make up the Spanish language. 

For each topic you can find interactive quizzes to check your understanding.

Check out our course or our free resources for more practice in context.

The Present: explanation  |  exercises

The Gerund: explanation  |  exercises

The Preterite: explanation  |  exercises

The Imperfect: explanation  |  exercises

The Preterite v The Imperfect: explanation  |  exercises

The Perfect:  explanation  |  exercises

The Pluperfect: explanation  |  exercises

The Near Future (voy a ir): explanation  |  exercises

The Simple Future (iré): explanation  |  exercises

The Future Perfect: explanation  |  exercises

The Conditional: explanation  |  exercises

If Clauses: explanation  |  exercises

The Conditional Perfect: explanation  |  exercises

The Present Subjunctive: explanation  |  exercises

The Imperfect Subjunctive: explanation  |  exercises

The Perfect Subjunctive: explanation  |  exercises

The Pluperfect Subjunctive: explanation  |  exercises

The Passive Voice: explanation  |  exercises

The Imperative: explanation  |  exercises

Reflexive Verbs: explanation  |  exercises

Gustar Verbs: explanation  |  exercises

Definite and Indefinite Articles: explanation  |  exercises

Personal Pronouns: explanation  |  exercises

Relative Pronouns: explanation  |  exercises

Prepositions: explanation  |  exercises

Ser and Estar: explanation  |  exercises

Adjectives and Adverbs: explanation  |  exercises

Comparatives and Superlatives: explanation  |  exercises

Reported Speech: explanation  |  exercises

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